I am a mum to 2 boys, I didn’t really babywear with my 1st as I had bad back and hip problems and didn’t realise how many options were available to me. After waiting to try and get my problems sorted we decided not to hold on any longer to try for baby number 2 as we weren’t getting any younger!! Magically (well, it feels like magic to me) during pregnancy number 2 my back and hip problems decreased. I will add that I have seen multiple specialists over the last 4 years and had scans and treatments to no avail 😦 So this was great, after the birth I expected things to go back to the way they were but 2 years on and I am still managing to carry my bouncing baby boy, who’s now definitely a toddler! and am getting out and about and walking as much as I can.Β πŸ™‚ I am not better, I have a permanently sore back and cannot stand still or walk for long on hard surfaces and my right shoulder is agony a lot of the time but I am persevering and I am determined to get up a Munro this year (big mountains in Scotland) as this is something I used to enjoy before having kids. ***Edited to add, we did make it up a Munro last year!!***

I am hoping that in writing this blog, even if it’s Β just for my benefit I will see this through!! Plus, we are getting out and about to places I didn’t think I would ever get to again and want to share my pictures of this and keep a record for myself and my boys. xx