Sjala Woods Troll – Review

100% cotton???

Thanks to the wonderful Dr CrowΒ I managed to get in on this tester group. I had previously drafted a review based on the label on the wrap which stated it was a cotton, linen and wool blend only to find out it was actually 100% cotton!! To be honest I was pretty much fooled, I’m a bit of a blend geek and I had been desperately trying to identify which yarn was which and I couldn’t find anything resembling wool, I was fairly convinced that the amazing texture was created by the linen element though. So, to be told it was 100% cotton was baffling, how could it be so cushy and textured??? I can’t answer that, except to guess at some kind of witchcraft……

DH TUA, look at that knot!!

The tester was a size 4 and people that know me, know that I consider anything shorter than size 6 to be a shorty, I like to hike and I love fancy finishes so I almost exclusively wear long wraps for comfort and versatility. First ups in troll were a very quick Double Hammock Tied at Side for some shopping, it was really easy to use, despite the car park wrap job and 2 sets of waterproofs, the knot was a work of art all on its own. I was also pleasantly surprised by the comfort, I have very picky shoulders. We also played with a basic ruck tied at waist as I heard somewhere that this was a perfect ruck wrap πŸ˜‰

P1120188I decided to brave a hike, my DH went a bit wonky and ended up with a new finish, “Tied Under Armpit”. I wasn’t going to redo the wrap job though as it was a fight to get my wrap striking toddler up in the 1st place. I walked for a few hours and he napped, I consider this a success!

undulating wood grain

I know I already mentioned the texture but I feel it is important as it is so fantastic, it also lends a certain amount of recoil and stretch to the fabric that a lot of 100% cotton wraps don’t possess. The black cotton is wonderfully soft and smooth and the murky, mossy green has more texture, the combination gives it the undulations that are characteristic of the woods pattern. I know Sjala have stated 280gsm but my calculations worked it out as 315gsm, it doesn’t feel in the least bit beastly though. I think it might be challenging with a tiny squish for the less experienced wrapper but it would be a fabulous FWCC wrap. It makes an excellent shorty even with my dodgy shoulders and I firmly believe it will excel in a base size for multipass carries.

Also an epic scarf!!

Sjala Woods Troll is released today, Wednesday the 10th of January at 10 CET, you can find out more on Facebook or at the Sjala website here.


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