Wrapahula – Stanza Review

Washed but not ironed, look at the texture!!

I was lucky enough to get the chance to test this gorgeous new wool blend from Wrapahula, 50% cotton, 30% merino and 20% Pima cotton and somewhere in the region of 300gsm although I didn’t actually measure it. It arrived here in loomstate and I was too excited to get it ready for use to do a loom to bloom shot but it puffed up nicely, the texture after a wash was amazing. An iron later and we were ready to go!! My eldest took a shine to this one and it’s yellow freckles, there is a yellow hidden in there that he noticed before I did!

My eldest with Stanza and midnight Fuchsia

I already have a wool blend Wrapahula, Midnight Fuchsia, and I expected this to be similar, it isn’t. The new weave structure lends itself to a huge amount of diagonal stretch. My wrapee was poorly and wanted front snuggles, normally I detest FWCC but I can hand on heart say this is The Best Ever FWCC wrap!! I also tried a few DH variations and Jordan’s Back Carry. The geometric design gave it plenty of grip but the passes weren’t difficult to get in place, I think the bandage like properties helped.

Ace Bandage Double Hammock

We headed out to give it a good test and get some pictures, unfortunately we came across a hill to see a hail shower heading for us and had to run for it. We got soaked but it was a good test for the wrap. There was a tiny bit of slip but considering the bouncing it endured it wasn’t bad and I don’t think there would be any issue under normal use!!

Playing with rings, Jordan’s Back Carry

To summarise, this is a beautiful wrap and I really like the geometric design, it makes a stunning chestpass. I believe this would be a perfect all round wrap, if you bought this in a base size it would see you right through your babywearing days from squish to toddler. I think it would work as a shorty for quick ups too, it really is a Jack of all trades wrap.

After a soaking and a run, still in place

You can follow Wrapahula on Facebook and find the website here. They also have a really great chatter group where you can get sneaky peaks of new wraps and even get to chat with the amazing Sarah Jane Duffy, the brains behind the magic, there are some awesome ladies in the group with loads of babywearing knowledge. Wrapahula have definitely upped their game with all the new releases coming out, I can’t wait to see what’s next!



2 thoughts on “Wrapahula – Stanza Review

    1. Thank you. This wrap is completely different from my other woolie hula… I’m loving all the new wrapahula coming out just now 😀


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