Sjala, All Of These Lines, Millions – Review

Geek shot – look at those colours!

I recently got to take part in a really interesting project, “Diary of a linen wrap” . The wrap in question is Sjala’s, all of these lines, a 100% linen size 7, in the colour scheme, Millions. A medium weight wrap of about 265gsm. The wrap was to leave Sjala in loomstate and travel round a number of hosts who would detail its journey. I was the 3rd host, so at 1 week each the wrap was coming to me with only 2 weeks use. It would be fair to say I was nervous at the prospect, the last 50% linen I hosted was far from broken in and it had been used considerably more but at least the cotton warp gave it a softer side with some glide. I was also not keen on the pink and white colour scheme. So, overall my expectations were pretty low……

Sloppy DH, awesome view

The wrap arrived on a Friday,  I’d had a very long day so I opened a can of Stella to help me wind down then opened the package. What struck me first was the colours, they weren’t the garish candy colours I was expecting, in fact they were quite nice, the pink was a deep raspberry and the white was a sort of creamy light pinky colour too. Out of the Ziploc bag next and it wasn’t crispy either, not soft and fluffy like some other blends but definitely not the hard unforgiving crunch I had anticipated.

Getting my Fancy on…!!

I decided I was going to try out some fancy finishes as I’ve been trying to jazz up my carrying a bit and I had been challenged to try a Rapunzel finish. I was concentrating so hard on the finish that my Double Hammock was really sloppy but we headed out anyway, fully expecting I’d need to rewrap 5 minutes out. In fact we made it to the top of one of the local hills and filmed a video before the rain started so I tightened up and did a CCCB for speed. So far so good.

Jordan’s Back  Carry nap by the Loch


I concentrated on trying more finishes and different carries and millions excelled, it was just the right thickness and grip glide ratio for playing with finishes. The one thing I failed at completely though was a Charlie’s Cross Carry which was a shame as it’s one of my favourite carries, little did not want to cooperate though and we gave up. But this wrap was amazing for Double Hammock, it was not an ace bandage wrap which is what I associate with a good DH but for some reason, its robust, no nonsense texture worked really well for me in this. I’ve even done a video of us doing a DH with a knotless ring finish which I came up with recently.

In the woods

To summarise, i am surprised to say, we loved this wrap. I thought I was going to have to somehow diplomatically say we hated it but maybe having such low expectations was a good thing, I don’t know… I’m very tempted to buy the blue version of this as it was released in 3 colours, pink, blue and yellow. You can find out more here with links to Sjala’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. What I will say is that this probably isn’t what you would consider a “squish” wrap although it did well in an FWCC it isn’t soft and smooshy and there was very little stretch. It would make an ok shorty for a bigger kid for short periods, but I think in single pass carries it might get a little diggy after a while. None of this mattered a jot to me though, because for multi pass carries and fancy finishes with my stroppy toddler it was truly awesome! Also, with being linen it was nice and airy for our long, hot hikes. I look forward to seeing the forthcoming, new releases from Sjala, my bank balance does not!

You can find out more about the journey of this amazing wrap by joining All about Sjala the Sjala brand chatter group or searching #diaryofalinenwrap


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