Luluna Slings Fiorella Olive Sky – Review

After a bath

I’m currently hosting the UK Luluna Slings test group and the official tester is Sisi Lazure which is off on it’s travels, in the mean time I have got my hands on Fiorella Olive Sky which is a size 6, 60% cotton and 40% viscose. I don’t know the official gsm but it feels pretty lightweight, I’d guess somewhere round the 180 – 200gsm mark…..


1st ups, DH CCCB

Luluna slings are a Polish company who specialise in fairly affordable limited edition wrap releases, you can find out more here. I came across them on Instagram and loved the look of some of their woven wraps so contacted them to see if they had any testers in the UK, they didn’t so I cheekily offered my services 😉 Aga was wonderful to deal with and the wraps made it over really quickly. My 1st impression was that I preferred the look of the Sisi Lazure and wasn’t really taken with the olive green of Fiorella Olive Sky.

Beautiful “wrong” side

The wraps did not come with a bag or anything, not sure if this is a cost saving measure or was just because they were testers. The middle marker placement was good and they were small and discreet. The Lazure did have one of the large Health and Safety labels attached, which if it was my own sling I’d cut off as it gets in the way a bit, Olive Sky didn’t have this though.

After they had a bath I had a play with both wraps, the olive sky was soft, floppy and thin in hand straight away. It was lovely to wrap with, beautiful drape and the perfect amount of glide to get a really secure wrap job. Still not that keen on the green but the “wrong” side is gorgeous.

Loch side DH walk

The wrap is perfect for Double Hammock, I tried it in a Jordans Back Carry and Charlie’s cross carry too but it definitely stood out as a DH wrap for me. It’s an ideal squish wrap being soft and mouldable straight out the bag. It carried my 10KG toddler well in a multipass carry, I think it is best suited to multilayer carries for bigger kids as it is quite thin. It would be a great wrap for learning back carries as the passes are so easy to make. I took it along to Coorie In With Love’s beginners wrap workshop, where it was used for someone’s first woven wrap experience, she got a great FWCC! You can see some pictures here.

I’m really keen to try some more Luluna Slings woven wraps and will be keeping an eye on their facebook page for new releases!!


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