Team Green – Firespiral Starling Glasto Murmuration & Greystoke Glasto Birch Trees

Glasto stash shot πŸ˜€

Another 2 amazing size 6 visitors, I can’t get over how lucky I am with these πŸ™‚ I hadn’t been sure about glasto till I holidayed Copper Glasto TS and fell totally in love with the sheen and glide and just sheer depth of the cotton.

Greystoke and Starling are like 2 very different brothers, Greystoke is the big, burly, cuddly rugby player and Starling is the lean, muscular, sexy long distance runner, they have the same eyes and hair but a totally different physique.

Greystoke in a Jordans Back Carry

Greystoke is the highest gsm wrap that I have tried so far at 320gsm and really thick being 50% wool but it wasn’t hard to wrap with, the passes glide easily into place and there’s plenty of grip to hold it in place, the knots are gigantic though!! It’s also a bit of a workout on a warm day but once it’s on it’s amazing, so supportive and cushy. The size 6 is a lot of wrap which is great if you are wrapping at home and going for a good long walk, it’s not something you could stash in your handbag though. I think it would be the perfect shorty, although it wraps a little short due to the volume.

Murmuration in a Double Hammock

Murmuration is also a heavyweight at 315gsm but it doesn’t feel it as it’s a lot less “thick” than greystoke, using it initially is a bit more like origami than wrapping until it softens up a little which doesn’t take much, then it’s floppy deliciousness. The 50% linen is super grippy, I wrapped it wrong side out at one point and that was quite hard work to get the passes in place and it didn’t look anywhere near as pretty as green side out imo. It was fabulous as a base size wrap but would also be a great shorty, again, pretty weighty to carry about when not in use.

Getting adventurous with Greystoke

I’d be hard pushed to pick a favourite between these 2 as they are so different. I would love to try them in the autumn or winter as I think that is when they would really come into their own. Greystoke is the perfect wrap for trekking over the hills where I live and it fits in perfectly with the grass and the heather, it feels so earthy and natural. I love that the grey is made up of different colours, I can’t stop looking at it. Murmuration feels a little more sophisticated, although it does just as well up in the hills, I think it would be at home in the city too.

Geek shot

I geeked out a bit with these and took a few comparison shots, just because I had them both here together. I’d really like to try the starling glasto starmap too, for purely scientific reasons……


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