Coco-N Scandinavia Ayla

We had another Coco-N visitor here for a week. I was really excited for this after oh la la PB and it did not disappoint. Again I was really impressed with the dust bag it came in. Each design has its own matching bag and the Scandinavia design is very cute, with bears, horses and flowers to name just a few of the characters.

Awesome DH wrap


This was another size 4 which I can just squeeze a DH CCCB out of. It was totally different in texture to the bourette of PB but it just oozes quality and luxury in the same way. Amazing glide and grip and rock solid to boot. The teal and off white was a lovely combination of colours and totally in line with the colours in the rest of my stash so it looked like it belonged there.


I wish we could have had this for longer than a week as we were pretty busy but we managed some good little walks. We even voted in it! It is a delicious blend of 35% tussah silk, 30% Egyptian LS cotton, 23% mulberry silk, 6% mercerised wool and 6% cashmere.  I think the wool gives it the most phenomenal cush and the silk gives it the glide and luxurious feel. Both this and PB were 281 gsm, so on the heavier side of medium weight. Ayla feels quite dense and the weave was tight and not pull prone.

Great in a ruck
A cooler day

Ayla was super sturdy in both multi pass carries and a single layer ruck making it an excellent wrap for most ages, it might be a bit sturdy for a squish but it would certainly be possible. It was fairly warm for Scotland while it was visiting and despite being quite a dense weave it felt cool and airy due to the silk and wool. The knots, even tied tippy tails didn’t budge once they were in place and there was no sag at all.


I really hope that I get the chance to try some more Coco-N wraps. I might even need to sell a few of my stash to fund one, I think they are the perfect toddler wraps. You can find out more about Coco-N here on their Facebook page.



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