I’m a Calin Bleu Brand Ambassador!!

Pretty excited about this, I got chosen to be 1 of 6 brand ambassadors for Calin Bleu Baby Slings! I’ll be honest about this, I didn’t have one and I’d never tried one, I kind of vaguely followed them on Facebook, I liked the sound of a lightweight summer wrap, I also liked the prices.

Ocean Teal

I applied for the ambassador position never thinking in a million years I’d get picked…. When I got the email from Karen, saying I was one of the 6, I was over the moon but terrified about the responsibility. The 1st thing I had to do was choose a wrap. There were a lot of lovely colours but I narrowed it down to 4 and put it to a vote on 1 of the groups I’m in, luckily they chose the colour I liked the most, Ocean Teal.

Comes with Sleepy Dust

First impression out the bag was how thin it was but then, that was the whole point, it felt a bit crunchy but it was loom state. It definitely softened up a bit after a wash and iron. My normal 1st carry with a wrap is Charlie’s Cross Carry so I had a go, it was very grippy and my little one was very grumpy so sadly, it all went a bit wrong 😦 Then I tried Jordan’s Back Carry and it all fell into place and my little one fell asleep within 5 minutes.

I’ve been using it for quick ups and short trips, round the house, at work, to the post office….. But this week it was scorchio and I decided it was time to try it out properly, I was a bit nervous as I tend to favour fairly heavy weight wraps and usually wool blends so to go for a long hike in a 100% cotton wrap this thin was out my comfort zone. I also decided to try it in a double hammock variation which in hindsight was an odd choice as I am not a DH fan at the best of times.

extra tails come in handy

It was great

Long Hike in the heat

though, the temperature was around 25 deg C which is almost unheard of in Scotland and we walked for about 2 hours. The shoulders got a little bit diggy but I rearranged them and they were fine….. I feel really bad for having doubted this wrap. If we make it away on holiday it will definitely be coming with us!! Another bonus is how quickly it dries compared to my other wraps. This is a fantastic, reasonably priced all round wrap and I am looking forward to breaking it in some more.


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