Firespiral – Blizzard Aqua Midwinter & Spring Birches Prototype

I’m a wee bit behind on writing about all the amazing wraps that have been visiting recently. These 2 overlapped much like the seasons they represent!! We’ve had beautiful sunny spring days and then snowy winter days over the last month, which meant that both these wraps got plenty of outings.

Charlie’s Cross Carry Wrap Nap
Midwinter on a beautiful spring day in a Jordan’s Back Carry

Firstly Blizzard Aqua, I love the Aqua warp, I love Midwinter and I  love 25% wool so this was one I was really looking forward to. I had actually decided I was going to buy one for Christmas but then Virtual Winter Wovenland happened and I spent all my pennies before it was released. This was a size 6, although it felt a little short but that might have just been the thickness, I didn’t measure it.

Midwinter  on a very windy hilltop

I love to try every wrap out in a Charlie’s Cross Carry as that is my go to for longer walks and this didn’t disappoint. Although my little one fell asleep mid wrap job at a very odd angle, he seemed quite happy though. I also tried it out in a Jordan’s Back Carry and a Ruck with various finishes. As with the other fispi, alchemy wool blends, it was both warm and cosy but also airy and breathable, perfect for our changeable weather. The Aqua looked really different here than on Delph, the whole effect was much greener and more tuquoise. I loved this, if I didn’t already have Delph as perma stash I would be buying one.

Spring Birches in the spring sun

Next, spring Birches, size 6 too. This is a 100% cotton prototype, only 4 made as far as I can tell, although I can’t work out why as this thing is amazing, you wouldn’t believe it was only cotton, it wraps like a dream and is so cushy it’s unreal. It was soft and floppy in hand and just moulded to us when we wrapped.


Padawan Heart Finish

I had wanted to try out Rainer’s Finish and thought this would be the perfect wrap, unfortunately I’m hopeless at DH, so decided to try it on a Charlie’s Cross Carry but I ran out of length and came up with this heart finish instead, not sure if it classes as a new finish or not as it’s just a variation on Rainer’s but I called it, “Padawan Heart”. Due to me being an apprentice and also in honour of my 2 little Jedi and in memory of 2 amazing babies who sadly went back to the force last year.

Just as good for long hikes as a blend

We had some lovely spring walks in this, there was no dig or sag at all, I have no idea how Firespiral manage to create something like this. Juno babywearing magazine has also chosen one of my pictures of this one to be in their Instagram feature in the next issue which is pretty exciting!!!

Wonky view…..

As an additional piece of information, I have just been chosen as a brand ambassador for Calin Bleu, really looking forward to getting out and about in my new Ocean Teal wrap, I’ll write more about this soon…….


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