Coco-N, Oh La La Pink Brilliant – Review

Ruck with waist and chest belt.

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to test this wrap in a size 4. Coco-n is a relatively new wrap manufacturer, I’ll be honest, I’d never heard of them and I can’t find much info online about them. There appears to be 9 different releases in this pattern with a range of lush sounding fabrics.

This particular wrap is made up of, 35% bourette silk, 15% mulberry silk, 10% pima cotton, 8% hemp, 2% merino wool, 30% ELS cotton…… Eeeeep, this sounded so far out my league I was terrified, I had to google half this stuff to see what it was! It’s also pink, which is not a colour I would usually choose for myself . It weighs in at a slightly thicker than medium 281 gsm. It arrived with me having been washed and ironed but never worn. I haven’t been using 4’s recently, in fact I have been destashing them as I find it a tricky size.

DSC04544 (2)
Double Hammock with CCCB

1st impression was that it wasn’t “too” pink, in fact the colours were actually rather nice and subtle, it felt very textured and slubby, almost spongy to the touch. I will add that this is my 1st experience with bourette silk, I have only tried wild silk previously which had a very different feel. For our 1st trip out we did a quick ruck with a knotless finish for a little wrap nap walk in the woods. There was almost instant sleepy dust!! It also had a wellΒ placed, unobtrusive middle marker with the Coco-N logo.

This was a hot day, I needed to cool my toes!!

Decided I needed to tackle my nemesis carry, the Double Hammock if I was to get proper use out of this wrap, wow!! I did it and it felt amazing, so much support from a short wrap, I usually dislike candy cane chest belts as they dig, not with this cushy delight, I did have to tie tippy tails though but it felt great, we walked for a few hours and he was weightless on my back.

We also tried it in a Jordan’s Back Carry, tied at the waist and a ruck with waist and chest belt. I covered a lot more ground than I had anticipated, the beautiful weather helped and although I was hot it wasn’t down to the wrap, it felt light and airy and so so cushy with just the right amount of bounce and stretch.

Amazing texture!

This is one of those wraps that I think would be great for a squish to a toddler, it’s breaking in really quickly and will only get better with time. It would make a great toddler shorty and is really easy for multi pass carries due to the grip/glide ratio which surprised me, it’s also bandagey. This wrap manages to be a little bit of everything and has reignited my size 4 love affair. Personally, I’d prefer a different colour but this would make a great wedding or christening wrap, it feels like quality and glamour when you are wearing it.

DSC04563 (2)
Sleepy time xx

Price wise, these aren’t anywhere near as much as I thought they would be considering the materials and quality, there doesn’t appear to be an online shop as such, you can find out more about them on their Facebook pageΒ here. They have draws for new releases announced there too. They also have a website which you can viewΒ here. I might need to keep an eye out for a blue design in a similar blend πŸ˜‰



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