Firespiral Copper Octarine Winterhill & Oscha Nimbus Skara Brae

These 2 beautiful but very different wraps landed the same day, the Fispi in a size 6 on holiday and the Oscha in a 3 doing the rounds to get broken in for @notjustrosiesmum and her gorgeous new squish. Read her blogΒ here.

both stunning colourways but very different you can see my JBC fail here….

20170420_163426I naively expected the Fispi to be the same as the other 50% hemp I’d tried, copper glasto TS, I was wrong. Despite being the same blend (I’m assuming the TS was the same weight at 260gsm) and brand the WQ’s were completely different. I found this much more difficult to wrap with in multi layer carries as it was spectacularly grippy due to the large expanses of the hemp part of the pattern on both sides. That being said, it was an excellent ruck wrap, really easy to get into place and absolutely rock solid even with a leg straightening, leaning, grouchy, teething 11 month old.

Awesome in a ruck

We took it on a day trip to Mull and it came in very useful as my eldest decided he wasn’t walking so pinched the pram which I had hoped to get the baby to nap in so I could get lunch in peace, no danger! I wore it pretty much all day and although I was exhausted by the end of it I was only a little sore.

Now, the Oscha, I had never tried a silk blend before,Β 25% wild silk 20% linen 30% organic combed cotton 25% cotton. It was also completely different to my expectation, really “dry” and grippy but the passes still manage to glide into place then almost lock in position. I’ve tried ruck, shepherd’s, short cross carry and half jordans with this and despite being only 240gsm it isn’t diggy at all.

HJBC CCC round town

1493666464645I rarely use a shortie for anything other than quick ups to the shops or round the house as I like more support but I have used this round town now a number of times with no issues and a lot of admiring glances and compliments. It’s also a fantastic wrap for teething cuddles. The only thing I’m not keen on is the brown colour that it ends up, but I guess this is the “sand” part of the beach fade that it is described as.

Mr Grumpy πŸ˜‰

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