Sycha Slings Space Bears Sunlit Pulsar – Review

Charlie’s Cross Carry – this has a filter on but shows the vibrancy of the colours more like they really are!

I’ve had Space Bears here from Sycha Slings as a tester wrap in a size 6. Part of the deal was to write a review….. I usually just ramble a bit incoherently about the wraps I use for my own benefit but I will try and write something a bit more structured if other people are going to read it!!

Firstly, in my exhausted maternal haze, I didn’t really know what wrap was coming. I knew that Sycha Slings was a fairly new wrap company based in England and that they did a line of affordable wraps. Also that some of the proceeds from every sale go to charity. Here are the specs for the wrap (I looked these up after it arrived):

  • Space Bears Sunlit Pulsar – Studio Line (main line wraps are the more affordable line)
  • Machine woven by Sycha Slings in England (main line are done in Turkey)
  • 290GSM
  • 100% Egyptian cotton
  • 65cm wide
2017-04-21 11.48.37
Modified Jordan’s Back Carry

My first impression when it arrived was of how heavy it was and narrow, I am used to wrapping with a wider wrap. Unfortunately, Space Bears landed during half term, just as we were heading out to the sea life centre. Obviously I took it with us but this meant that 1st ups were in a less than “controlled” environment…. We started out with a simple ruck in a somewhat wet and muddy car park. I like to carry my 11 month old with arms in and this is where there can be a problem with a narrow wrap in a single pass carry as I struggle to get a decent seat and keep him contained. We got him up and in though and managed to chase off after my 4 year old. I tried a couple of other carries during our day out, Jordans Back Carry and Charlie’s Cross Carry.

I even managed to do a passable Double Hammock which is my absolute nemesis of back carries. I think that the narrow width helped and the fact that the purple cotton was really glidey. The Gold weft gave good grip though so once a carry was in place it didn’t budge. I have another wrap that is 290gsm and I sometimes find that knots are bulky and a bit tricky but with Space Bears it was as if you were doing the knot with a much lighter wrap.

Quick Knotless Ruck

We wore the wrap for quite long periods of time and it was surprisingly cushy for 100% cotton, I have very picky shoulders! I’m not sure how well I would have got on with a shorty in this design as I definitely favoured multi layer carries. Mind you, it would probably be quite good as a shorty for arms out carries, it’s definitely going to be toddlerworthy. This was a wrap that I wouldn’t be afraid to use and abuse, it was tightly woven enough that I wasn’t concerned about pulls and the colours will not show up day to day dirt….  It’s pretty much impossible to get a picture that shows the colours properly. The purple and gold really go well together and it makes the wrap look really luxurious, the purple bears on the gold side look almost velvety.

IMG_20170418_161728_785To summarise my rambling, this is a really great wrap, it is not part of the Sycha Slings budget range though so it’s not cheap but it would last from squish to toddler so you would definitely get your money’s worth. I felt it was best suited to multi layer carries, the passes were almost effortless due to the glide. I didn’t experience any sag and there was just the right amount of stretch to get a good solid carry in place. It was quite warm, I guess due to the high gsm and density of the weave but that’s not going to be an issue in the UK for 99% of the year. I don’t think my little one managed to stay awake for more than 5 minutes any time he went up which is always a bonus! I look forward to seeing more wraps from Sycha Slings, I’ve got my eye on retrobots at the moment, the designs are really bright and funky and my 4 year old loves them.

You can buy this wrap and find out more about Sycha Slings HERE


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