Crucible Burnish Petrography

This week we have had Crucible here on a holiday. Wow! I love this wrap. I was still undecided about hemp, thinking it would be too warm for us and this is a fairly hefty wrap for me. It’s a wool, hemp, cotton blend. It was obvious from 1st ups that it was going to be a dream to wrap with. It’s like wrapping molten chocolate round yourself, that’s the best way I can describe it, silky smooth and delicious…. 😍1491727559737

I already have 2 burnish warp wraps, torra burnish winterhill and elven burnish birch trees. Burnish is amazingly soft and glidey straight out the bag, what I really like about this wrap is the texture of the wool and hemp, it’s not too grippy, just perfect, it almost wraps itself, it’s totally different from my other wraps.20170409_093554

We tried out some new carries and some variations of our favourites. I was also motivated to get my lazy backside out and about every day that it has been here. There was only 1 day that my lower back started to ache but we had been out over 2 hours and I was experimenting with Jordans back carry with different finishes while we were out walking and sheltering from the frequent showers. 😒 There is also serious sleepy dust built in, Obi Wan has conked out within minutes of each use, no matter how sloppy the wrap job. 😴😴IMG_20170404_140530_706

I keep putting this wrap in my basket, the only things stopping me buying my own are lack of funds 😭 and I can’t decide which size I want…….20170408_150829


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