Busy busy and poorly

Been a bit quiet recently as I have been quite busy with everyone being poorly including me!! Also we had a few days away at Glencoe, luckily we managed to get in a few nice walks. I even managed to get a third of the way up a Munro before the weather closed in and we had to turn back. We had a pretty scary walk up to the hidden valley the following day, just a note, if you go up there in the ice and snow, take the top path as it is less dauntingly close to the edge!!

We have also been playing with different wraps and carries. I have a 50% linen bronze birch trees by Firespiral visiting and despite it being quite lightweight it’s very supportive.

I still cannot do a double hammock and have been trying to find a better carry to do with a size 4 as I also traded my wrapahula baby’s breath for a size 4 rigel aqua starmap, so I now have lots of 4’s to play with…..

Also, spring has finally sprung, for a few days anyway!! So we have been getting out and about as much as possible. I haven’t been getting on great with my Elven Burnish birch trees for some reason but I have found a carry that seems to work for us with it quite well and I think it might be some kind of Double Hammock. I started out doing a shepherd’s back carry with 2 leg passes and finished with a freshwater finish, I think….


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