New wrap Wednesday 

I didn’t realise how crazily addictive the whole buy, sell and trade market was going to be. It’s so exciting knowing that there is “fluff mail” on the way. I have been trying to get a certain wrap, well actually there are 2 options for size and colour which is 4 different options in total. I didn’t realise how hard it would be. They’re like hens teeth!! I thought I got one a month ago but the seller had listed it wrongly. I spotted one this week and the seller was going to hold it while I sold a wrap to fund it. Unfortunately it was accidentally mixed up and sold to someone else 😦

However the seller has made up for it by sending me this gorgeous midwinter prototype instead. It arrived today and we managed a little play before having to head out. Tigger got in too. Baby was obviously quite at home as he managed to squeeze out a cheeky poo. Check out his poo face 💩💩

We headed out to the woods later and although it’s an all cotton wrap (I think….) it was really comfortable and not diggy on my delicate shoulders at all.

It’s apparently the cirrus warp and it’s alchemy but that’s about all I know, no middle marker but that’s OK and a size 6, although I haven’t measured it yet, feels like a short 6. I can’t find it on the firespiral geek sheet but that might just be because I don’t know what I’m looking for. 

The only downside to today’s wrap excitement was ripping my frugi top on a barb wire fence as I was so focused on not catching the wrap!


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