Cold & Wet & a wee bit Hairy Scary!!

Well, I managed to sort a broken thread and fix a load of pulls in my beloved delph aqua so felt kind of indestructible. I had been asking a “local” for advice on how to get onto the ridge above the village. Either I misunderstood, they didn’t know or they sent me the wrong way!! It was a pretty misty, miserable afternoon but I thought I’d give it a go.

On the plus side the wee man fell asleep and missed most of the horror of this outing. I kept having flashes of slipping and breaking my leg whilst in the middle of nowhere in the mist with no phone signal. The “path” I started on wasn’t a path, I started following a stream and ended up doing a mini gorge walk, then when I escaped from this the ground was ridiculously wet and full of hidden holes. The best part of the walk was getting back to the car!
On the plus side I have learned from this experience. I will be choosing an “easy” Munro with a well defined access route and I will be doing it on a nice day!! This may not sit well with the Munro purists but they don’t usually lug a baby up on their back and are not as wimpy as I am!!


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