Lovely day for a walk round the shore

Today we headed round to visit my parents. I forced myself to leave my trusty delph aqua at home because I knew I would crumble and use it  ðŸ˜‚😂 I packed a different Firespiral, octarine frost midwinter in a size 3 and a Baie Aeolus Hadrian in a size 5. 

I decided to walk round the shoreline instead of across the hills today so opted for the Baie as I knew there would be a bit of scrambling and climbing so wanted a few passes under his bum for peace of mind. I still had to rewrap after I set off as there was people watching me wrap while waiting for the ferry and I panicked! Oops! 

I really like this wrap, I was quite worried when it turned up in loom state. It felt quite thin and crisp but I shouldn’t have worried as after a wash and iron it was totally different, floppy, cushy and soft. 

I had to tie it today rather than a knotless finish and it was a bit diggy on my dodgy shoulder but it was fairly comfy. 

I’m going to have to pinch my husbands Garmin so I can properly compare distances and stuff 😂


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