My “stash” & a walk in the woods

When I bought my 1st wrap I thought it would be all I needed, I couldn’t understand why you would need a “stash”. I get it now. My stash is quite small, limited mainly by the fact that my budget is also quite small….. I am now trying to enforce a strict policy of 1 in 1 out 😂😂

Currently I have 6 woven wraps, a ring sling and an SSC. I have a favourite just now which is my size 4 Delph Aqua Charters Moss by Firespiral. By default I reach for it, it’s perfect in this cold weather as it’s 25% merino wool and 75% cotton. I am by no means a good wrapper and very much a learner but I pretty much always get a solid, secure and comfortable wrap job with this. A good wrap job makes a big difference when you are clambering about the hills round here.

Today I decided to go with a different wrap as we weren’t going that far, no pre school so we were off to play in the woods with my 4 year old.

I have 2 100% cotton, size 3 wraps and can’t decide which to keep and which to trade. I chose Wrapahula Baby’s Breath today as it’s been a bit neglected recently. I bought this pre loved, it’s amazingly soft and I love it for quick front carries.  I decided to try it in a ruck with a rope pass and CCCB, my little leg straightener kept trying to pop the seat though so we had to change to a half jordans in the middle of the woods.



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